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Insights on a trusted supplier from Mike McGuire, managing partner at Zink Foodservice

Kason Manufacturing Floor Craftsmanship is an integral of Kason's manufacturing process. Durability is an important consideration when purchasing any type of foodservice equipment. All too often, purchasers focus on the “big picture” and overlook seemingly unimportant details, such as the durability and life-expectancy of hardware and accessories. Like links in a chain, each part of a kitchen’s equipment needs to be strong so it can run smoothly. Mike McGuire, managing partner at Zink Foodservice in Columbus, Ohio, says some buyers focus strictly on the cost of equipment without pausing to “evaluate how long the parts will last.” He points to the example of a restaurant that’s currently under construction. “It’s probably going to be here for 25 years,” he says. “The equipment that’s going in there needs to last most of that time."

Often, improving equipment durability comes right down to the hardware. While many operations professionals examine every aspect of how a piece of equipment will work in their restaurant, “the hardware around the equipment is something they spend very little time with,” he says, adding they often forget “the incredible pounding the equipment takes in a typical foodservice operation.” Kason Hinge A Kason 1248 Hinge just after robotic polishing.

Strength and functionality aside, the styling and design of the hardware becomes even more important in an open kitchen setting, says McGuire. “People are intrigued by the kitchen. In open layouts, customers can see how the kitchen operates and using well-designed, heavy-duty hardware adds to the overall aesthetic of the space.”

Creating Long-lasting, Dependable Hardware

Kason Latch Kason's family-oriented culture makes the difference when it comes to quality. McGuire’s experience in the industry has taught him to value high-quality, long-lasting parts: that’s why he trusts Kason. Its products are thoughtfully designed and manufactured with care and precision in the U.S.A. “Kason has been a supplier across the entire industry and is well known for its durability and reliability,” he says.

This commitment to quality extends to the OEM products Kason manufactures, says McGuire. “It works closely with its customers to develop products that will help suppliers move to a new level, to incorporate a new component that manufacturers are looking for.” Kason craftsmanship can improve those products, he says. For example, “Kason developed some specific handles and hinges for a walk-in cooler that has made a big difference in how the doors close…how they're adjustable,” McGuire says. “It’s unique, and we use it as a big selling advantage for our walk-in coolers.”

Of course, a good product is nothing without good service to back it up, and McGuire says Kason excels at service. Its regional warehouses “make it very handy to get product when customers need it. Almost nobody I know in this industry has the distribution network that it has.”

The fact that Kason is a family-owned business is yet another reason McGuire trusts it. “They treat us like family and value us as a partner,” he says. It’s a partnership that only improves with time, McGuire says, noting “we rely on them because of the incredible history that they’ve had and what they’ve accomplished.”

It's better with Kason.

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