Inside Release Menu 0036 Padlocking Hasp with Inside Release 0045 Padlocking Brass Latch 4545 Two Point Padlocking Latch 0046 Padlocking Latch 4646 Two Point Padlocking Latch 0049 Dutch Latch 0050 Cylinder Locking Brass Latch 5050 Two Point Cylinder Locking Latch 0051 Cylinder Locking Latch 5151 Two Point Cylinder Locking Latch 0052 Iron Padlocking Latch 0053 Iron Padlocking Latch 0055 SafeGuard Latch 0056 SafeGuard Latch 5656 SafeGuard Two Point Latch 0057 SecureGuard Locking Latch 57 E-Lock High Security Latch 57 E-Lock Plus High Security Latch 0058 SafeGuard Radial Latch 0058E Latch 0059 SafeGuard Roller Strike 0077 SafeGuard Latch 0078 SafeGuard Radial Latch 0188 Two Point Latch 0188X Explosion Venting Latch 0189 Two Point Latch 0189X Explosion Venting Latches 0199 Two Point Latch 0778 Stainless Steel SafeGuard Latch 0944 Locking Deadbolt Latch 0948C Cylinder Locking Inside Release System 78S SafeGuard Handle 779 Spring Roller Strike

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