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mark and glenda

Mark Patmon

Mark is reliable, dependable and makes my job so much easier. He’s always a team player.

- Glenda Britt

Mario and Jose

Mario Munoz

Motivation to sell product, always gets excited when he gets a new order from customers. Stays on top of the Hussmann Corp account.

- Jose Ramirez

Mario and Jose

Michelle Wilson

Tamica Michelle Wilson in QC at Food Service shows positivity by taking the initiative to get on the hottest customer's requested product. This aid in guaranteeing On Time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction while at the same time exceeding the customer's expectations!! Team QC go Michelle!!!

- Kevin Roan

Marvin and Chad

Chad Ring

Always helping, team player.

- Marvin Garcia

Beth and Daniel

Daniel Vickery

He encourages a positive working environment for him and his coworkers.

- Beth Vickery

no photo

Ray Hobrow

After being made Northern Sales rep at Oxford Hardware, Ray gave me great guidance and advice as well as teaching me in detail about products and certain accounts I use in my role. He's a fine rep and someone I look up to professionally.

- Oliver Bennett

no photo

George Bousfield

George is a great leader and makes everything at Oxford Hardware uncomplicated. He has a great future at Oxfords

- Ray Hobrow

Sean and Oliver

Oliver Bennett

Oliver makes the working week a dream for me at Oxford hardware. He takes pride in his work and leads by example. He's a gent and helps where he can.

- Sean Higgins

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