1096 L & M Door Closers
1346 Hinge Adjustment
1826 Intelli-Vent® Pressure Relief Port
1827 Intelli-Vent® Pressure Relief Port
Thermal Flex® Vinyl Swing Doors
488C Walk-in Push Bar Inside Release
7004 High Efficiency Grease Filters
0058E Security with Electronic Flush Strike
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Kason the Partner
Investing in Our Future
Reliability, Quality and Processes
The Kason Difference
Engineering Experience
The Global Marketplace
Continuous Improvements
U.S.A Manufacturing Flexibility
Product Range Overview
Product Innovation - 1346 Adjustable Hinge
Our People, Our Family

This tool allows you to estimate the number of lights needed for a space based on the room dimensions and light model.

Kason Vent Estimator

This tool allows you to estimate the number of vents needed for a Walk-In Freezer or Cooler based on the room dimensions.


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